Auditions for the Sumter Players/GSW production of Hairspray are set for
December 4 & 5, 2012 @ 7:00pm
Georgia Southwestern State University
Fine Arts Building
Experimental Theatre

Sumter Players is holding auditions for its 2012-2013 season musical – Hairspray. And we want everyone even remotely interested to come and try out! Many, many roles are available and will be cast on the basis of talent only without regard to race, color, religion, ethnicity or any other defining characteristic.

Things To Know:

- There will be two sections to the audition: a monologue/song portion, and a dance call to follow. Therefore, auditioners should come at 7:00 pm and be prepared to stay until 9:00 pm.

- During the first section, auditioners will be brought into the audition space in groups of about 10, and asked one by one to present a prepared monologue and song selection.

- Monologues should preferably be chosen and memorized beforehand. No monologue should be longer than 60-90 seconds.
- If an individual is unable to do so for any reason, there will be materials available at the audition for him/her to use – these materials will not have to be memorized, and one can have them in hand.

- Song selections should be no longer than 60-90 seconds.
- Auditioners should bring either an appropriate backing track (CD or mp3), or sheet music for the accompanist. The selection MUST be sung with accompaniment – NO acapella auditions.
- The second section will be a dance call.
- Auditioners will be asked to learn a short combination (taught by the show choreographer, Christi Barr).
- There will be a short amount of time after to go over the steps on one’s own.
- Finally, auditioners will be brought, in groups of about 10, to perform the steps for the directors.

- Everyone should bring appropriate clothes to change into for the dance call. Work out clothes, sweats, or jazz pieces are perfectly acceptable. Those having jazz shoes, should wear them – otherwise, sneakers are acceptable.

Finally, we want to see everyone’s personality! “Hairspray” has some amazing, and incredibly funny, characters, so we want to see and feel everyone’s stage presence. And most of all, we want everyone to HAVE FUN with it!

For general information see our FAQ.

See a brief synopsis of the show.

If there are specific questions, feel free to email the directors or Sumter Players. And check back to this event often for updates!